Photographer Will Dube

starring Stefan Thomas



Photography by Armando Branco

Styling Marloes Hogenkamp

Editing features notes from photographer’s art school notebook as a tribute to his home town Nijmegen (editorial’s location), his parents and the madness of love.

Grooming Daisy de Weerd

Starring dancers Chen Hartik & Vincenzo Turiano

Admin Jolanda Scherpenhuizen


Photographer Will Dube

starring Sam Skinner

Foreign Beauty

REY x Marco Kowalewski: The Fashion Illustrations

Marco Kowalewski is an artist from Hamburg who is getting influenced by the artistry on different platforms in today's social media and  platforms. Mostly drawing Illustrations based on current fashion, collections, editorials and influencers with exclusive taste, Marco wanted to present REY stories in a more playful way.

"I love to play with compositions, shapes , colors, and contrast while still working in progress.
Never being satisfied with my work and still trying to figure out how to become more pure and clear with every new line of my work."
stated to our team.

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Photographer: Matthew Alatsiatianos

Make up & Body : Achilleas Charitos

Model: Aris @ The Legion MGT

LoVe InJecTed

Photographer: Matthew Alatsiatianos

Set Up & Grooming: Christos Theophanous

Model: Lucas Cantao