Our latest Grooming story comes to show you the ideal products to use during the summer to protect your skin. Photographed by Matthew Alatsatianos

 For more tips and products ask our Beauty Editor: Christos Theophanous 

Skincare: YSL Forever light creator

How to keep your skin and face fresh every day by CLARINS products

There is more for being ‘’good-looking’’ than just applying a few products on your face and skin. The key is to search and getting to know better these overlooked male products, which offer benefits, without having to spend more than a few minutes in front of the mirror. Here are few of my favourite additions to my everyday grooming routine, which I believe they can considerably develop the way you look and help you adopt them in your daily routine.


Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm

Discover an innovation in men's moisturising and hydration care. Clarins Super Moisture Balm helps revitalise and firm skin on contact and protect against pollution.
How to use: Apply in the morning. Also apply at night when skin is dehydrated due to air conditioning, pollution, the sun or cold weather.





 Clarins Men Active Face Wash

Clarins men foaming face wash has a refreshing gel texture, which washes away dirt, pollution and excess oil without drying skin. It is suitable for all skin types.






Clarins Men Anti Fatigue Eye Serum

A lightweight and non-oily, refreshing serum that helps eliminate signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, detoxify and reduce puffiness and dark circles whilst Ginseng, Bison Grass and Chinese Ginger energizes and firms the skin.


Clarins Men After Shave Soother 75ml

The after Shave soother it is an ultra-light post-shave balm that gently soothes skin after the aggressions of shaving. The excracts of Shea Butter and Marula oil  moisturises and heals sensitive skin.



Words by Nicholas Papantoniou [ Fashionmegawatts ]


Photography : Nina Lass
Grooming : Christos Theophanous


Models :
Dimitris Tatarakis at Ace Models ,
Thanos Adamopoulos at VN Models

Beauty Products for face:
Stay Matte Foundation , Shine Killer Primmer , HD Concealer
Lips : Clear Gloss
Eyes : Black Eye Pencil & Clear Gloss