He is one of the most inspirational dancers and choreographers in Greece.

We fell in love with his eccentric style and attitude and we couldn’t wait until the moment of his collaboration with REY.

He works for some of the biggest names in Greece like Tamta and Eleni Foureira and he usually doesn’t stop on the choreography part as he loves creating the whole image of the projects he produces ( including styling and art direction).

Tasos Xiarcho is a true artist and we are sure he will always excel in Greece and Europe.

Enjoy our latest REY addiction:

Photography AURA

Styling & Direction Christos Christou

Assistant Stylist & Coordinator Yolanda Teskou

Grooming Matina Katsaropoulou

Videographer Vasilis Kolokythas

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The Finnish dancer, choreographer and model Tomi Lappi speaks exclusively on REY Magazine about all you would love to know about him and his work.

Tomi travels mainly around Europe for his work but has been based in Spain since 2017, even though we know him from huge productions like the Kinky Boots, Lio Smeralda and from his work with the Finnish superstar Saara Alto.

During his latest visit in Cyprus, we had the opportunity to work and spend 24 hours with the super talented Tomi Lappi.

Describe to us your 24 hours of a normal day of work in Spain.

Honestly the concept of a 'normal day' has never really existed in my life. We're in mid September now and since late June I think I can count my days off with my fingers but in exchange going back to Madrid now I'm first looking at some well deserved down time. Some days are working ridiculous hours and some are easier but it's how the industry works and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.

Where can we actually watch your show live?

I went straight from Kinky to Lio Costa Smeralda from where I travelled straight to Austria so for the moment the plan is to stay off stage for a short while, but I've said this before and something exciting has come up and well, there I go again. But for now the plans are open and in negotiation until late 2020.

Have you done the choreography of the show as well ?

Lately I've been doing choreography work and dancer work separately, and the plan is to first establish myself as a dancer in Spain and then maybe look into choreography if the opportunity presents itself - moving from a country to another sometimes resembles starting from scratch but I've felt very welcome and appreciated in Spain so far so I'm excited to finally settle down there without having to rush away for contracts abroad.

We know that you have performed as a lady "drag queen" during your previous show. How dificult was for you to get ready for the role and perfom on stage?

Well performing in a musical in general was a completely new challenge for me and came with a lot of challenges and opportunities for both personal and professional growth. The rehearsal period was a lot about making friends with my own demons and insecurities about what other people might think but in the end it's a conversation you have with yourself about your self-worth and how you perceive yourself as a person. I don't want to sound like a cliche because finding security and peace within yourself in the masculine, feminine, the external and the internal is a tough and draining process of work but it's definitely worth the while. I loved the process from the beginning to the end and being able to perform as an angel in a musical that great definitely changed me for the better in a way the other productions haven't so far.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I find it impossible to rationalise where my inspiration comes from because I honestly have no idea - I get a lot from music, the people that I work with and their energies and I'm, a very visual and estethic person. My best inspiration comes from somewhere outside of myself and most of the time I feel like I'm a instrument translating something from a collective source into something that people can feel and perceive. Whether you call that outside (or inside) source the universe, god, the collective subconscious or whatever has very little importance.

After posting our first editorial with you, we received tones of messages about you and your sexy body. REY readers definetely LOVE Tomi Lappi! How often do you work out? Are you following a specific program or diet?

I workout 5 days a week with the Jonathan Sevillano and all my results are practically thanks to him, he's a great guy and in my down months it's the perfect way to bring some structure and stability into my life. I don't follow specific diets, I try to eat intuitively and when I'm hungry and listen to my body as much as possible, if somethings doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. I sustain a diet of food that feels good and is nourishing all year round and I feel following diets is a losing game because of the amount of contradictory information out there. When I'm touring and travelling I do my best to maintain but with a lot fo compassion to my body - If I can't get out of bed in the morning, you won't see me at the gym either.

Your favourite pop star:

I think that'd be a tie between Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber.

You have travelled to a lot of countries for work or holidays. Your favourite destination?

I rarely travel for holidays, my ideal vacation is not travelling anywhere and just staying in my routine and stability, I get enough travel for work. I don't have a favourite, wherever I get a glimpse of the local culture makes me feel like I've learned and experienced and grown more but I feel also like it's impossible to travel without expanding and growing a little.

Relationship status:

I'm single.

What's your opinion on the dating apps? Do you think people can still flirt in the club or go for a date without the use of them?

Of course. I think in whatever you do in life you should be extremely honest without yourself about the motivation behind your actions. If you use the apps to meet people and have a good time, good on you - but if you find yourself lost on the phone trying to fill a void within yourself or finding external validation your not going to get very far. The same goes for going out though, alcohol, drugs... everything. You can't really make mistakes in life, what works for you works for you and what works for you today might not work for you tomorrow.

Would you be in an open relationship?

Yes - I don't have a preset image of what a relationship should look or be like and I think it's healthy that the norms of a typical monogamous relationship are being shaken down a little. I think every relationship is unique and couldn't possible work by the same book of terms and agreements. Creating your own rules if it's based on love and respect and mutual and individual growth is where the magic is. I could see myself in one, but I could also see myself in a monogamous one, or something in between. Life always knows better.

Have you planned your next journey?

After settling down to Madrid I will go to Ibiza for a few days to see my friends and colleagues and then priority number 1 is going to Finland to see my family to spend some time with them. What happens after... We'll well see 🙂




Photographed by Stavros Christodoulou

Styling Christos Christou

Videography by Johnny Kyriakou

Grooming by THEO


Photographer Michalis Georgiou

Styling & Direction Christos Christou

starring Dancer Panos Malactos

Editor's Pick: Rankin x Sergei x Husky Loops - Tempo

Making a global splash in Hozier's music video for Take Me to Church, no one can forget how mesmerizing Sergei Polunin is in motion.

Lucky for us, the Ukrainian dancer has published a new video project earlier this summer and it has become one of our favourites here at REY.

Polunin linked up with photographer Rankin for a video. Shot for Hunger TV, the project takes the form of a music video. Polunin is captivating as he performs to Tempo by the alt-rock group Husky Loops.

One of the most inspirational video clips we've seen lately - Enjoy!!

Steven McRae x REY Magazine

Our creative team met Australian dancer Steven McRae in the studio for one more conceptual and artistic editorial story.

Photographer Stavros Christodoulou

Styling & Direction Christos Christou

Grooming Olga Van Der Heyden

Steven McRae is the Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet London with several qualifications and awards including winner of the Prix de Lausanne and the Best Male Dancer at the Critics’ Circle Dance Awards.

Some of his roles include Romeo, The Prince (Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Giselle), Des Grieux (Manon), Prince Rudolf (Mayerling), Mad Hatter (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), Florizel (Winter’s Tale), Creature (Frankenstein) and more.

-Have you always wanted to become a dancer? How has ballet come into your life?

I grew up in a Motorsport family in Sydney, Australia surrounded by Nitro burning Dragsters. My sister inspired me to start dancing at the age of 7 and I was hooked immediately. I have wanted to dance ever since.

-Your routine must be really busy and full of training. How is a typical day of a principal dancer? 

A typical day as a professional ballet dancer can be up to 12hours long. Most days begin at 10.30am and if you have a Performance the curtain doesn’t come down until 10.30pm that night. The days are spent training & rehearsing the multiple productions that we perform consecutively at the Royal Opera House.

-You are a husband, and a father of two. How do you arrange your programme to find time for everyone? Does any of your children show interest on ballet?

Time management is crucial to finding a good work life balance. My family are everything to me so it can be challenging when I am not with them as much as I would like but I hope that I am inspiring them to pursue their own passions later on in life.

-Where can we find you at the moment? 

I perform all year long at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden London. Our new season beginnings in September with an incredible selection of repertoire so check out the ROH website for details. ( http://www.roh.org.uk/ )

-I know that last year you have toured Australia with the Royal Ballet. How was to perform back home? Would you ever go back?

Performing back at home in Australia was a very special moment for me. My wife and children were also there surrounded by my family. I would love to take some of what I have learnt and experienced here in london back to Australia at some point.

-If you weren't a principal dancer... what would you do as a profession?  

I would probably be Drag Racing with the NHRA in America or designing something cool as an Architect.

-Who or what inspires you at your work?

I am inspired by passionate people. Inspiration can be found everywhere but that inspiration needs to find you working! Many Motorsport drivers have inspired me over the years but of course the dancing greats like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly have been a constant force in my mind.

-And lastly, an advice to all these children and young professionals who have you as their role model.

My advice to young professionals is to be unique.

Don’t be afraid to be different and please don’t try and replicate what anyone else is doing. Celebrate who you are and what you enjoy doing.



Interview by Christos Christou

Steven McRae on Instagram