ROOM 724

Photography & Art Direction Joel Rodriguez

Styling David Johnson

Royal Wedding: Prince Harry chose the uniform and beard!

On Saturday 19/5, the world celebrated the Royal wedding and the social media were bombarded about the wedding during the weekend.

The groom's appearance was one of our favourites in terms of styling (and grooming!)


  Prince Harry arrived at Windsor Castle accompanied by his brother Prince William, in his military captain’s uniform from the Blues and Royals and not the traditional groom suit. 

The uniform was one of the most ancient regiments of the British Military and it was decorated with the Victoria Cross and his various medals, and somewhat contrasted with (well-groomed) three-day stubble.

Prince Harry and Meghan during the wedding ceremony

Prince Harry and Meghan during the wedding ceremony

We also loved the fact that he chose to keep his beard instead of following the tradition or the protocol. 

A Year Without George Michael

December 25, 2017 marks a year since the passing of George Michael. A music and fashion icon, an international pop star, a legend.  


During the year there have been many public tributes to the Greek Cypriot pop star around the world, from awards shows to symphonies and fundraisers. It feels like the end of an era but I don't want to forget. I don't want to stop writing about him, listening to his music and posting his pictures on social media.

With his Christmas single LAST CHRISTMAS charting at no. 3 in the U.K today, the pop music pays tribute to his legacy and marks his name on the top of the list for another one year.

Rest in peace George Michael... You will always be 'alive' for us, for the LGBT community and the world, for the music. Xx