KAZAKY return with new single (and two new members)

Our favourite boy band is back with new single PUSH and we love everything about it!!

On Monday (June 24), in honor of Kyiv Pride in the Ukraine over the weekend, Kazaky premiered a new song and music video , directed by Alan Badoev.

Their new single PUSH marks their official return with two new members. 'PUSH’ has been the band’s first tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, which “has supported and continues to support Kazaky for nine years, and represent a world of acceptance and self-expression, thanks to which the band has managed to become heard and seen.”

It’s also dedicated to “all those who need freedom and courage to be themselves and have their voice” as Arur Gaspar ( KAZAKY’s lead singer) mentioned.

Check out KAZAKY’s comeback single :

The Loot: Five little treasures from Los Angeles

On my visit to Los Angeles I came across some really interesting items in shops so I decided to show you my little sellection in a different article from what you expected.

These are my five small treasures I found from my trip:

Blue Baseball Cap

I stumbled into a clothes shop in the Gallery District which had a large sign on the window saying ‘Dreamer’. Dreamers are immigrants to the US and part of a immigration programme that Trump wants to stop. I asked where he was from and the owner said Lebanon, a country next to mine. Scanning the t-shirts and designer goods I spotted a blue baseball cap with Arabic script on it.  ‘What does it say?’ I asked him. ‘It’s Los Angeles in Arabic,’ he replied. In a multicultural place like LA how could I have resisted buying it?

Pendant of La Virgen

A few weeks earlier I decided to look for a spiritual pendant to wear. I looked for a few weeks but found nothing. It was not until I was walking along the main street at Seal Beach, one of the beach tours of southern California (SoCal for short) that I found the pendant of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, a symbol of Mexico. It was in a small shop tucked behind a succulent nursery. I asked if it was made in Mexico. ‘It’s made in New Mexico,’ he clarified, a state along Mexico’s border with a large Mexican and Native American population.

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Pin

The Broad is LA’s newest museum in a modern architectural building that is LA’s newest landmark. Though free to enter, it is best if people register online especially if they want to see Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. I went three times and waited 2.5 hours to see it and the experience was worth it.

‘I got to check out the museum shop,’ said Violet, a lady from Arizona who stood in line next to me. ‘Museum shops have the best things for gifts.’

I took her advice and strolled through the shop where I found a pin of the large, dotted pumpkins she designed and is famous for. Though not displayed at The Broad, it was a unique souvenir.

LA Starbucks Card

Since I like Starbucks (though I only drink Americano coffee) I bought myself a gift card and topped it up with $20; that way I could just swipe the payment through rather than looking for cash. What I did like though was that Starbucks had an LA-branded gift card, which I bought as a souvenir. Starbucks do great mugs that you can collect. But how many can you have? And they are so heavy to carry home. The card was perfect for easy payments and as a souvenir. It would be great if they could do cards of the city for people who visit. There was no cost for the card, just the amount for coffee from Starbucks at Grand Park.

Mini Series of Books by Issac Mizrahi

Walking from Melrose to West Hollywood (WeHo for short) I came across a small bookshop. It belonged to the Weho Library which was selling its old stock, which included many first editions such as the book by Mizrahi. I was not sure whether to buy it until the manager told me it was a first edition. And for $8 it seemed like a bargain that would appreciate.

BONDiNG: the latest Netflix kinky BDSM show we love

Bonding is Netflix’s latest show that we cannot get enough of and it has been out for 2 days only!

The sex positive comedy shows all about the life of two best friends ( Tiffany and her gay bestie Pete) and the journey through the S&M world and sex. What’s the result of it?

It’s all business and just a tiny bit of pleasure. Picture PVC leather suits, whips, knives and everything in-between, because it’s literally all in there.

PVC, leather costumes, suits, whips, all the kind of fetish and weird desires are all in there creating a really interesting and funny scenario at the same time.

Seven delightful 15-minute episodes of the first season are waiting for you and the comments we have checked on twitter made them sound as the must comedy to watch!

Must-have men sneakers for spring/summer 2019

From the Nike collaborations and the legendary fashion houses to the upcoming fashion designers here are some of our favourite sneakers to add in your wishlist for 2019.

LV Trainers by Louis Vuitton

Victoria Beckham x Reebok

Nike x Martine Rose

Asics x Kiko Kostadinov


Supreme x Nike

JW ANDERSON x Converse

Conchita WURST reintroduces himself with the new single ''HIT ME''

He introduced himself as Conchita Wurst through Eurovision and he managed to won the competition in 2014. The media wrote ‘‘A glamorous drag queen stole Eurofans’ hearts as she rised like a phoenix on the stage of Eurovision. The win belongs to her’’.

Five years later, Conchita WURST is back and we love every little detail of the new WURST and his music project.

“Hit me with the bullets you make up in your head,” sings Electro-newcomer WURST on his latest song that is released today and will make all heads and legs move. The official video provides unprecedented insights into the artist’s private life.

WURST sings his way directly into memory banks with his Electro-Dance earworm “Hit Me”. At first glance, this dance track seems to be light-hearted and carefree, but its lyrics are an ice-cold reckoning with the past. Even though there are guns and projectiles pointing at him in these lyrics, the artist is convinced that no threat can harm him and his determination makes him invincible.

The brand-new, dynamic song is the second single off Tom Neuwirth’s third album, who will impersonate the two characters Conchita and WURST from now on. Early on in his career as the feminine Conchita, he already sang about being “unbreakable” and “unstoppable”. As his new stage character WURST, who is significantly edgier and more unkempt, he talks about his convictions as unambiguously and unflinchingly as never before in “Hit Me.”

He clearly states how he intends to handle his opponents with lyrics like “You don’t get to point the gun and you don’t get to force my hand, cause I don’t get to mend the matters, I don’t get to fight back.”

In the official music video for “Hit Me”, which once again does not use any special effects, we see WURST as masculine as never before: the radiant stage character and the private person are both equally captivating. Dance performances like in “Trash All The Glam” already hinted at the artist’s body control, and last summer we already got a first taste of his platinum-blond look.

Following “Trash All The Glam”, “Hit Me” is the second release off Tom Neuwirth’s latest project WURST. After his debut album “Conchita”, which was released in 2015, and his second album “From Vienna With Love” with the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, which was released in October last year and also reached gold status, the singles of his third album project WURST now just keep on coming. The electronic soundscapes, which were produced by Albin Janoska and written by Eva Klampfer (“Lylit”), are far more personal for Tom Neuwirth than the songs of his previous repertoire.

WE LOVE: Rirchard Biedul's looks at London Fashion Week.

If you were around London Fashion Week Men’s last weekend ,you probably came across the super stylish model and influencer.

Posing for street style photographers or catching up with his fashionistas friends and followers, mr Richard Biedul always brings out a unique energy and image that you can’t ignore. He has been one of our favourites from day one and he made it once again this season with his notable looks.

Well-respected within the industry, with designer collaborations and guest appearances on runways and fashion events, the IMG model loves and supports London’s men fashion week from the very beggining as he has been part of it all the previous seasons too.

Prada SS19: Are the super short shorts the next summer trend?

Watching Prada Men Spring Summer 2019 show we have noted a lot of looks that we dream about for ourselves.

We’re talking super short shorts, retro tone-on-tone belts, big puffy hats and a really nice set of bags… but what about those ‘super mini’ shorts?

Inspired by 70s and designed with patterns and colours from the 90s, the new trend proposal from Prada seems to be quite sexy and unusual at the the same time for the men’s world.

Muccia Prada used the words “more elegant” when describing how she wanted her men to look and she definitely achieved it.

I am already in love with those burgundy silky short shorts! What do you think about the new trend?

5 Queer Models to follow on Instagram

They are proud of who they are, they support ‘queer’ in all its forms and they have been strong influencers for the LGBTQ community through the years. Activists and after all, BEAUTIFUL people inside and outside:


The Transgender top model, singer and actor who has been one of our favourites in Ru Paul’s season 10 crew.

Check out his latest single Before You Go


The first open gay man who has participated in America’s Next Top Model. Model, activist and great musician

( Check out his music album UNIFY).


Bisexual Top model from Australia who notes collaborations with Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Jean Paul Gaultier.


The first albino model who has been featured in Vogue and GQ and with collaborations with Givenchy and Alexander McQueen. It is worth mentioning his latest project - his first capsule collection for American Apparel.


Model and activist, Jack Mackenroth is HIV positive for 3 decades and he has been the main face for the HIV worldwide campaign for many years.

**WARNING: Before visiting his Instagram profile bare in mind that you will come across with some really HOT stuff.


MUST watch: Netflix's Halloween promo video starring Antoni Porowski

Spooky season just got a lot spookier . . . and more sexy.!

On Monday, Netflix dropped a teaser for its sinister new anthology of horror shorts titled “Don't Watch This”, and it features the lovable chef from the streaming service's popular show Queer Eye. That's right, Antoni Porowski — known for pleasantly helping people improve their cooking skills — just showed us a side of him that might make us rethink going to one of his dinner parties (if we're ever cool enough to get invited).

In the clip for the episode called "Antoni Psycho," Porowski is clearly channelling his inner Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. He dons a Greek yoghurt face mask while doing a few yoga stretches in nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear (which isn't a bad start, honestly — LOOK at those abs). Totally normal, right? Well, things take a scary turn as Porowski wipes a knife clean as he eerily declares, "I don't care whether they like what I cook or not. They'll eat it if they know what's good for them." Ummm, what?! Who is the "they" that he's talking about? What happened to our smiley Antoni who just wants to help people make a nice dish of roasted potatoes? Antoni, are you OK? What did Netflix DO to you? As scary as this seems, it looks like we're going to have to give this a watch, because clearly Porowski has a bit of a dark side.

WE LOVE Foureira's new single «Tómame»

The queen of Eurovision 2018 is back and she is ready to set the dance floor on.. fuego once again!

After the huge ‘FUEGO’ hit and its European success , the hot Greek-Albanian singer has just realised her new single «Tómame» and we love every single beat of it!

International media note “Ordinarily Eleni is known for her traditional Greek pop anthems. However ‘Tomame’ or ‘Take Me’ in English, sees a continuation of what ‘Fuego’ started in transcending the international music scene”

Watch the HOT videoclip and enjoy the new single loud:

Setting temperatures soaring on the Athens metro, the video sees Eleni bring her sultry choreography to the Syntagma Station. The official music video has been produced by Alex P, Markus Videsäter & Didrick and directed by Yannis Dimolitsas. Big love to Markos Andriotis for the outstanding styling choices too!

Written by: Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Markus Videsäter & Eleni Foureira

WE LOVE: Harry Styles in the new men's Gucci Tailoring campaign

On set at a fish and chip shop in northern London, Harry Styles appears in the new GUCCI men’s Tailoring campaign.

Wearing the House’s suiting designed by Alessandro Michele for Fall Winter 2018, Harry Styles walks in a ‘chippy’—the traditional British fish and chip shop—with a chicken and a dog. In a wool mohair jacket with embroidered collar and a striped suit styled with a gingham dressing gown, Harry shares his battered cod and fried chips with his pets, in a sequence shot by Glen Luchford and art directed by Christopher Simmonds.

Editor's Pick: Rankin x Sergei x Husky Loops - Tempo

Making a global splash in Hozier's music video for Take Me to Church, no one can forget how mesmerizing Sergei Polunin is in motion.

Lucky for us, the Ukrainian dancer has published a new video project earlier this summer and it has become one of our favourites here at REY.

Polunin linked up with photographer Rankin for a video. Shot for Hunger TV, the project takes the form of a music video. Polunin is captivating as he performs to Tempo by the alt-rock group Husky Loops.

One of the most inspirational video clips we've seen lately - Enjoy!!

5+1 menswear trends for Fall/Winter 2018-2019

From bucket hats to hiking boots, and from extra large shoulders to superlative layering, these are the Autumn Winter trends to know about.

Sportswear is well-anchored in this new fashion vocabulary, but this season it made way for a few fashion foibles and chic accents ( thank God, tailoring is coming back!).


Street style is not as strong as last year but the 'logomania' trend is here again and this time is more bolder than ever.  After all the new and upcoming brands 'stealing' the top positions of the fashion industry last year, now the big Fashion Houses are assuming the style heritage that they rejected for so long. Go loud with all-over print, or go home.


A symbol of hopes and dreams, the wide plains of the American West are a seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers across the fashion capitals. From Raf Simons to Calvin Klein and Dries Van Noten the winter collections are proposing the style of the 'modern cowboy'. All you need is camel or earth colours, jeans, cowboy boots and your shearling jacket and you are ready!


80s have been in our memories as the years with the most fashion statement looks. Extravaganza womenswear and more bold and androgynous menswear than ever. That was the decade when Mr Armani took over menswear and shoulders got wider... and wider. Today’s times recall a little of the same ambiant zeitgeist that pushed designers to create jackets and coats with shoulders that were ever wider.

"Fashion armour for an uncertain world."


Demna Gvasalia did it again... Balenciaga and Vetements ''were doing the most!'' with superlative layering and really similar looks on the runway, supporting Demna's unique street style aesthetic. A kick in the teeth for global warming and tension around the world, or simple seasonal styling? You decide.


From Prada’s archive flame print revival, to rebel skulls at SSS World Cop and Wales Bonner’s sensitive motifs, the print shirt will run and run through next winter. Refreshing and definitely something new for a winter season.

 MidNight GLAM

Sequins and metallic are back again but this season all the midnight glam becomes 'a man thing'!  Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, SSS World Cop and Balmain have already shown the way - you only have to find your favourite now...

We have to admit that this winter is full of new entries when it comes to trends. Some others that we love at REY and you will definitely see in our next editorial stories are the Fetishism of Moschino,  the new Tiger print addiction and the Space Fantasy  ( see Heron Preston or Undercover). 


Pictures belong to Voque Homme

Editor's pick: The Modus Vivendi Swimwear Collection 2018

We are in the middle of summer and the swimwear season is already on its best!

Modus Vivendi has launched the Basics Line from the Swimwear Collection 2018 and it became our number one choice for this summer. The collection is inspired by minimalism with clean, uncomplicated and monochromatic lines perfect for any occasion.

The Basics line is made from a fast drying, high quality material and features a wide covered waistband. This design features classic styles with a discreet Modus Vivendi logo.

Discover the collection on Modus Vivendi online and choose your favourite. Available in white, black, khaki, red and blue, this classy swimwear will be part of your basic summer kit.

Richard Biedul x King & Tuckfield AW18 collaboration collection

King & Tuckfield is a new menswear contemporary brand, founded by Stacey Wood just 3 years ago. Its signature aesthetic fuses a distinctly British 1950’s feel, with sharp contemporary styling inspired by the colourful stories of Stacey's family history.

The design team is passionate  with quality and sustainable materials, and their inspiration comes from the British fashion heritage and culture.  They always love to mix everything that looks vintage with something that looks modern creating the new classic. 

Model, Art and Style director, Richard Biedul  joined that team to create his first 5 pieces-capsule collection and with these AW18 pieces makes his debut in the design world. 

The collection consists of pieces which everyone needs all the time and every piece seems to be ideal for your wardrobe. Richard mentioned "We've created almost an off-duty uniform… it is about comfort, it's about function and formality" 

And it's actually true. Everything can go from casual to formal depends on the way you style them on you. Modern, elegant pieces that will always be in fashion. 

During this collaboration Richard has discovered a new found love for quality denim and has merged this new passion on his designs too. Focusing also on 100% fine merino wool in a bold spectrum of Navy, Fiesta Red and Clover Green, the collection is inspired with vintage references and a 1950's notion. 

 . Richard Biedul x King & Tuckfield AW18 capsule collection translates back to the main SS19 collection which we had the opportunity to see during London Fashion Week and we have to admit that we fell in love with...

The AW18 collection is now available on kingandtuckfield.com

Editor's Picks: #StreetStyle with a twist

Cool, everyday pieces with street style aesthetic that we all love but with a contemporary twist.


Saint Laurent Backpack

Lauded for its precise tailoring and innately cool aesthetic, Saint Laurent brings together classic and modern design aesthetics. The City backpack embodies this, adorning the supple canvas construction simply with subtle leather detailing, while the large proportions provide ample room for essentials. Available on ysl.com


Gucci t-shirt

Tour merch is no longer that one-off T-shirt you bought in a love frenzy of the band directly post-gig. Nowadays it’s a fashion-focussed affair curated to fit into your personal style. Newly versed in irony, Gucci takes on the trend for SS18, typing out its brand name in exaggerated font on this cotton-jersey T-shirt and underscoring it with a selection of locations. It’s a Gucci gig, and you’re invited. Available on gucci.com

Kappa Kontroll jersey shorts

Talk about a throwback! Kappa Kontroll is back and in a big way. We have fashion’s love affair with the 1990s to thank for that. The revival has a few tweaks mind you. The iconic mirrored man moniker is flipped upside down, and it’s placed in sequence as a side stripe down these jersey shorts. Available on selfridges.com


Givenchy classic shorts

Yes, there were a lot of short shorts on the SS18 catwalks, but if you’re sceptical about that translating to skimpy, fear not. As Givenchy - available on selfridges.com

Sandro Paris Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have pretty much made their way up through the ranks to achieve a 'basics' status that rivals the much-loved leather jacket. Sandro’s iteration leaves buttons in the past in favour of clean and sleek popper fastenings... and yes we go pink! Available on sandro-paris.com


JW Anderson Knot Tee

The knotted sleeve is a small design tweak but it’s come to symbolise the nonchalance and raw creativity of J.W. Anderson’s work. Not to mention those maritime references and they’re rife in this cotton-jersey T-shirt. Available on j-w-anderson.com

BLOOD BROTHER track pants

There’s one thing we can take solace in, and it’s the return of the tracksuit. Comfy enough to contain any wider woes, these sports-jersey BLOOD BROTHER track pants are designed with the classic drawstring waist and branded trims spanning the legs and they are our favourites. Available on selfridges.com

Gloverall - Worker Jacket - £275 - www.gloverall.com.jpg

Gloverall Denim Jacket

Another Denim jacket with a twist. Taking its influence from the classic 4-pocket work jacket, this new style for SS18 is reimagined in raw denim for Goverall's first ever denim outerwear collection. Available on gloverall.com


Ted Baker Backpack

At the forefront of contemporary British fashion, Ted Baker extends its clean-cut silhouettes and meticulous attention to detail to a collection of premium accessories. Defined by its athletic-inspired rubber design  and emblazoned with the signature branding, this yellow bag can easily be combined with every look. Available on tedbaker.com 


Maison Margiela track pants

Maison Margiela’s experimental aesthetic aligns perfectly with the undone appeal of today’s athleisure obsession. Track pants anchor the look and this pair goes above and beyond the expected - available on selfridges.com 

WE LOVE: Britney Spears in the new Kenzo campaign

The princess of pop did it again and this time she goes high fashion!


Britney Spears is the face of Kenzo’s second nostalgia-based La Collection Momento for Spring 2018. The new collection is actually a tribute to the debut of Kenzo Jeans in 1986.

Cropped denim jackets and tops, thigh-high lace-up boots, and a sweatshirt and baseball hat stamped with a #throwback version of the original Kenzo logo have been styled perfectly on Britney who is having so much fun in her first luxury fashion campaign ever!


 The campaign was shot on location in Los Angeles by Peter Lindbergh and the name of it:  #KenzoLovesBritney


The collection is now available on  KENZO.com.

Editor's picks: December’s favourites

Five days before the new year and I can imagine us all around trying to find the ideal Christmas presents for our beloved ones. We usually search to find something that suits their favourite choices; whatever comes to music, fashion or arts and preferably their personal style. My December’s favourites are consist of a mixture of choices and activities. Some of them could be the ideal Christmas present, a different music proposal or your new ‘obsession’.

Converse x JW Anderson : GLITTER
2017 is the year that menswear broke the rules with a lot of innovative design proposals and collaborations. One of the collaborations we loved is the one with converse and JW Anderson. Jonathan Anderson and his team gave one more glam twist to the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars and Thunderbolts and it’s delightfully sparkly! I don’t think you could find more festive trainers from the glitter ones in various colour combinations for both men and women.


** And if you think the glitter converse can only go casual, try to style them with your velvet blazer and trousers!


Call Me By Your Name: 2017’s best movie
We know it came out at the end of October, even though “Call me by your name” is from the movies you will always want to watch again before its cinema exit. (last showing on the 30 th of January). A powerful love story played out in the early Eighties somewhere in northern Italy, in the impossibly glamorous Italian Riviera summer villa of an archaeology professor. The protagonists are the visiting academic Oliver (Armie Hammer) and the professor's son Elio (Timothée Chalamet).


Loreen’s new style & new album RIDE
Loreen is making the absolute most of her brand new record deal and the creative freedom that’s come with it. Eurovision’s 2012 winner is back on the scene with her second studio album RIDE and it has become our latest music obsession. RIDE combines mid- tempo, electro-pop and soft electronica tracks creating a dreamy and alternative music journey.

Her newest music proposal couldn’t be more completed as Loreen has changed her style too. The Moroccan-Swedish singer left behind her iconic fringe and she appears with shaved head on RIDE’s cover. The singer noted that she shaved her head as she doesn’t want to hide anymore. Loreen wants to express herself with the power which comes from inside her and the new album’s promotion appears on social media with messages which push people to trust their inner powers. “I feel a change is coming. A global change for equally, and Istand behind it" noted in Vogue Arabia. .



LE LABO: BERGAMOTE 22 eau de parfum
When it comes to fragrance it’s always more personal. I always like to explore new brands and aromas and last month I finally came across LE LABO. At my first visit at the new LE LABO Selfridges, I was impressed not only with the unique smells but with the customer's journey as well. Once I chose my favourite LE LABO scent, the team hand blended my bottle at my presence. After considering which cologne to choose I concluded to BERGAMOTE 22. The dazzling bergamot combines freshness, sweetness and sensuality with acrobatic talent. All these qualities were encompassed in the perfume’s initial code name: “Fire Cologne”