Dimitris Alexandrou x REY Magazine

Photographer Joey Leo

Art Direction & Styling Christos Christou


Grooming Christos Theophanous

Hair Yannis Kyriazos

Agency VN Models

Read Dimitris’ interview at THE GREEK ISSUE.


Photographer Michael Geo

Styling Christos Christou

starring el_isleño


JW Anderson is launching new Christmas collaboration

JW Anderson did it again and this time has collaborated with Gilbert & George in a new project for Christmas.

For those who don’t know the artistic duo Gilbert & George, they are renowned for their colorful photomontages. This time they gave their inspirational notes for a JW Anderson arty capsule collection.

Jonathan notes:

“For me, Gilbert & George are the ultimate British Modernists and I am obsessed with their work. I really appreciate both the sense of anarchy and order in what Gilbert & George do and in this way it works perfectly with JW Anderson – it’s a marriage of British eccentricities and traditions.”

A Year Without George Michael

December 25, 2017 marks a year since the passing of George Michael. A music and fashion icon, an international pop star, a legend.  


During the year there have been many public tributes to the Greek Cypriot pop star around the world, from awards shows to symphonies and fundraisers. It feels like the end of an era but I don't want to forget. I don't want to stop writing about him, listening to his music and posting his pictures on social media.

With his Christmas single LAST CHRISTMAS charting at no. 3 in the U.K today, the pop music pays tribute to his legacy and marks his name on the top of the list for another one year.

Rest in peace George Michael... You will always be 'alive' for us, for the LGBT community and the world, for the music. Xx